What to wear on the first date

Sep 17, 2018

Here it is – the day of the first date! Of course you want to look good and of course you want your date to like how you look. So when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit, the most important thing is that you wear something you really feel comfortable in! Wearing uncomfortable clothes, where you have to worry about things falling out, or coming undone is a bad idea. It interferes with you concentrating on your date. That shirt which pinches your neck, or the dress which is a little too small, all bad ideas. Secondly, consider where you have your first date – if you are going to a restaurant, you shouldn’t wear jeans and a t-shirt, go for something a little more stylish. If you suck at dressing yourself, all hope is not lost. Ask a friend whose style you appreciate to help you out.

Nice, but not over the top

Try not to exaggerate your style, just be natural. Do not empty an entire bottle of perfume on yourself, and if you are a woman, do not put on too much make-up! Men, if you shave regularly, make sure to do so before the date. If you have a beard, trim that beast.

Different occasions, different outfits

If your first date is outdoors, make sure you will be warm enough. If you are freezing, your mood will suffer and your date will be able to tell.

If your first date is in a bar or restaurant, leave your normal everyday-clothes in the closet and put on something a little bit more elegant. It's always a good thing when your date notices that you put in a bit more than the bare minimum of effort and that you view the date as a special occasion.